Select the winning combination by learning from others

Some of you reading the blog are about to begin the analytics journey, others are some part way through it. I’d like to share an interesting story of my own experience in reaching out , talking and learning to others who operate in more mature analytic markets.

Selecting the winning combination

In my current role I had to create the vision and execute the analytic strategy for my organization. Having used Tableau for many years, it was the visualizer of choice. Tableau represents one component in a long stack of technology components. I needed a piece of software that could combine data sets from different systems, implement some really complex business rules, showcase them to management in an ‘audit able’ format to give transparency over what had been done to the data.

So how did I discover the tool like Alteryx?
As they say rubbish in rubbish out

My journey took me to look at the traditional tools like SAS and newer age tools like Lavastorm, Alteryx and Knime. So the question is how did I make a decision on which one to use.

From a customer perspective , I began researching the tools not from a tool capability perspective but from a end user customer perspective.

Read and talk to other customers in more mature markets like the U.S. who have done it all before

Check out the Alteryx inspire business leader 2014 to see what analyic leaders in the U.S.  are using. The ‘true’ test of any analytic tool is when the software companies make it easy for a new user to contact reference customers around the world, have a honest chat on what works well and what doesn’t .

When buying a piece analytics software , you are actually buying into a community of like minded people not just a software product

This culture can be seen quite unusual and even unique and perhaps can be viewed as a ‘software unicorn’. The turning point for me was when I actually downloaded and tried the product myself, I found that I could easily combine various datasets even difficult XML together before visualizing in tableau. The ease of use was remarkable!

Do it yourself. Doing is believing 

Totally blows things away. I could easily combine large complex datasets , some in XML , SQL or redshift database into a single coherent dataset before visualizing in tableau! Simply amazing.

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