Alteryx roadshow – Anyone can do it!


Recently i had the honor of presenting at the alteryx roadshow in Sydney to over 200 people, i wanted to share lessons learned with you. There are really 2 key highlights

1. Everyone and Anyone can do analytics( not just the BI guy)  with the right tools like Alteryx and Tableau just like everyone today is using Google

2. Data driven decision making is really a huge cultural shift not a technological one.

At the heart of it,  Analytics is really about helping people and companies make decisions faster. The question is what tools do you use to achieve this and challenges around changing an entire company’s culture to do this. I hope this will inspire others to take that leap of faith and do things differently.

Feel free to download the presentation here

Analytics strategy – Achieving data driven decisions in realtime


Overcoming Business challenges – Numerous data sources and complex XML and JSON

Alteryx is a great tool for anyone to do data acquisition, integration and preparation particularly when handling data from multiple complex systems. The keyword here is everyone, you don’t need to come from a programming background or be a BI specialist.

In every company I’ve worked you need to combine data from more than 1 data source. How does one do that without an army of programmers? Well it’s simple just use Alteryx, spend a couple of hours doing the tutorials and away you go.

Executive buyin and funding – Do things that impact topline or bottomline

Tools cost money , the quickest way to get management attention is to do something that drives a revenue opportunity or a cost saving eg : supply chain improvement. In doing so the tools pay for themselves.

Best of breed products – Combine Alteryx , Tableau and Redshift

Don’t try reinvent the wheel, use a combination of tools proven out by people who have gone before you.

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