Reflections on Tableau conference Sydney 

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adrian n david
I had the honor of co-presenting with David Mcamis from AWS at the recent Tableau conference in Sydney to showcase how AWS Redshift, Alteryx and Tableau are a great combination for analytics.

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It was certainly great to meet and share my experiences with all tableau customers both new and old and it made me realize something really important.

It’s more than just software! It’s a community of people learning from one another

Tableau conference is really about people.

People in companies, some of us ahead of the curve while others beginning on that journey. It doesn’t really matter at the end of the day, what matters is that each of us wants others to succeed within their business. That is a fundamental concept which is so important. Buying Tableau , Alteryx and AWS is really more than just a piece of software. You are essentially getting into a community of like minded supportive people.

On reflection, I am deeply humbled to share my experience with others, it’s also great to connect with others and you can see that a fundamental shift is occurring in the industry.

It’s more than self serve – it’s about transforming the way in which companies operate

My favorite part of the keynote is when Michael McQueen presented in winning the battle for relevance. So often I see people in companies both large and small struggle with transforming their businesses into modern winning enterprises where employees want to work for.

Michael then gives a great rundown of what it means to be relevant and evolve with the times. Take a giant company like Lego for example. Their biggest turning point came when the rolled out Lego set toys for girls. 

  Prior to this they simply ignored the market. 

Another key point of differentiation is a company’s core  values and beliefs in the face of growth. See Facebook who encouraged employees to develop the very thing that will cannibalise their own business . They would rather desrupt from within as if one waits too long and you are forced to respond it is too late.

In a separate session , one of the presenters points out that analytics and creative thinking is not a straight linear process.   It is really about the exploration and twists and turns before things become clear. Yet so many people and vendors market analytics as a nice procedural step by step process.

Rise of data prep with Alteryx – a much easier and sustainable way


Having presented together at the Tableau conference and attending other customer sessions, one clear trend is emerging. It is the rise of tools like alteryx and cloud computing on AWS

Alteryx is currently used by many companies as a data blending tool and having used the tool myself I can say I’m a big fan !

Much of an analysts time is spent combining data from multiple data sources before analysing in a visualiser liked Tableau. This is often painful process of cutting code like SAS in the past however now there is a better way. Alteryx with its drag and drop capability is to data prep what tableau is to visualisation. It just works!

At Amaysim, we are also big fans of Alteryx , everyone in the analytics team uses it for data prep before pushing results into tableau dashboard . It was great to be able to give back to the community how the tools work together.

I also attended a customer presentation story on how the NSW Department of Family and Community Services implemented a Tableau and Alteryx solution to deliver dashboards to the public using RXP services as a consulting partner.

Its really great to see how a government department embraces the use of technology to deliver superior services to the public. Check out FACS stats here
I also checked attended another customer session presented by Vizchic who mentioned how Alteryx and Tableau work well together.

All in all it was a great couple of days!