More good stuff from Alteryx inspire 2016


The good stuff continues with George Mathew showcasing new features

  1. Data profiling out of the box, improved reporting web scheduling

2.  Prescriptive analytics – Next release of Alteryx to support optimizationssimulations out of the box with a few clicks. Traditionally you would need a data scientist for this, now all i need is Alteryx. Good news for the layman like me..

Want to know where is the best time to Surf in San Diego ?

George Mathew and Cam showcasing the power of using time series and spatial data to see where is the best time to surf in San Diego!



Alteryx + Microsoft Azure machine learning = Easy analytics 

I could not believe how easy it was to use machine learning in Azure! Literally it was 3 clicks to drag and drop sentiment analysis in Alteryx. Unbelieveable..

Applause from the Alteryx ACEs!



Customer stories – Southwest airlines and Chickfil-A

Don’t be  chicken! Use Alteryx..


Customer share their tribulations and triumphs..

Alteryx Developers getting direct feedback from customers

Back at the solution centre I had the privilege of meeting Linda Thompon who is the development manager for alteryx engine. A lot of the functionality you see in alteryx today is done by her team. It’s great to be able to give direct feedback to her and the team to help improve the product in the future.



Introduction to predictive district by Dr Dan

For those new to predictive, I was lucky enough to attend Dr Dan’s session on predictive district. The key takeaway is that remember to check out the predictive district on public gallery where there’s so many more predictive tools to suit your needs. Please before you start coding any model check this out as it may have already been done for u!!districts/56327e37aa690a17f0760bdc



Advanced Alteryx training for R users by Ramnath , Alteryx’s data scientist

Great session as Ramnath showed us the tips and tricks of coding in writing portable R code (between R studio and alteryx). Alteryx to R to Alteryx made easier!

The great thing about being trained in the US is that they focus a lot on the concepts and explaining why you are doing something rather than following a recipe!



Next Alteryx inspire is at Las Vegas!! See u all then


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