How can you become an Alteryx ACE

I wanted to share the journey to becoming an Alteryx ACE and what it has meant for me personally. Alteryx is one of those amazing companies who has really changed the analytics landscape.

When I started my journey into Alteryx while working at amaysim, there were few Australian companies using the tool. I did some research online and strumbled on an amazing customer case study by BCG on their use of Alteryx.  I downloaded the product and built out my first workflow to acquire XML in a matter of hours. Such productivity was simply unheard of before.  A great place to start is  alteryx for excel users


When starting to use Alteryx, I highly recommending the use of containers (for business logic) and comment each step as to what you are trying to do. This is really important especially when you have to show your work to senior execs or show the challenges within the data. Also writing as you drag the icons allows you to focus on the business outcome instead of struggling with the syntax of the language

best practice alteryx.PNG


Often people ask me ‘Does this really work?’ My response is download the product and give it a spin then see that Alteryx can really get the data prep job done. Often this is the most time consuming task for an analyst.

The other often underestimated feature of alteryx is that you can also hand your work over to someone in the business to work on and then collaboratively switch between teams. In doing so you are no longer constrained by the headcount within your own analytics area.

In the realm of analytics, Alteryx really represents ‘power to the people’.  Not everyone can afford a data scientist, however everyone can afford Alteryx. I also particularly love that they focus on making predictive and prescriptive analytics more easily available to business analysts. Don’t spend time building the model, go visit the predictive district and download it!


No longer are line of business analysts constrained to ‘putting in a request’ for IT to get a report or some advanced analysis. Managers demand insight and action yesterday!

I think my fellow ACE Jason Mack best summed it up – “This changes everything!”

Since then, customer stories of Alteryx have grown far and wide. Incredible use cases of Alteryx and Tableau occur in the most interesting of places. USDA using it to solve Avian flu was a great example of how Alteryx can actually be used to save lives!

Finally, I really encourage others to not hesitate, download the product and try it out. Feel free to reach out to myself and others within the community. Just as people in the Alteryx community have extended a helping hand when I most needed it, I’m happy to offer practical advice on how to get Alteryx into the organisation, overcoming ‘resistance’ and building  a centre of excellence empowering people of all skill levels to use Alteryx to drive change within their organisations.


Another way to become an ACE is to help answer questions on the Alteryx community or help lead Alteryx user groups in your city.

Being part of the Alteryx and Tableau community has made me realize that I am no longer alone driving change within companies. I am now part of a wider global community who is incredibly helpful, encouraging and really sharing of experiences. This is really the basis of the ACE program. It’s really about sharing and supporting others in their journey and time of need.  I hope there will be more ACEs coming out of the Australia and APAC region and we can set an example for the rest of the world!