Collaborating across the organisation with the Alteryx

Yesterday I had the opportunity to help my organisation train a cross section of new users to Alteryx using the self serve enablement material. The session took 1.5 hours and had a cross section of the organisation of users in it.

In the session we had

  • Data scientists
  • Managers
  • Tableau specialists
  • SQL specialists
  • End to end BI analysts

What I learned by training others

1. Alteryx democratises data science and facilitates cross functional collaboration

Alteryx training is really about bringing different people within the organisation together leveraging each other’s skills and enabling them to have a common language of how data is acquired, wrangled and visualised. The most important take out for me is that people of any skill level can pick up the use of the tool really quickly which then forms the basis for collaboration across the organisation. 

2. Alteryx has a short learning curve

This is in stark contrast to other BI tools who require extensive training to pick up and get value from.The most important thing is that through the use of Alteryx, development times to get insight for business leaders is drastically reduced to hours instead of days.

3 Speed to insight matters

This in turn becomes a competitive advantage for the organisation.

I hope this blog inspires others within big corporations to take the first step and try it out.

Download the product here and give it a go