Data science – Myths vs Reality

There is a lot of noise and mystic about data science.

  • Is it about modelling
  • Framing the question
  • Data prep
  • Modelling

For those new to data science, its really about defining the business problem, then the rest of the work is in data prep. In fact nearly 80% is there



Adopt a global perspective for analytics

The year I unfortunately couldn’t make it to Inspire 2017 in Las Vegas due to work commitments however I hope this will inspire you all to take analytics to the next level within your respective companies.

In particular, I really would like to dedicate this to all of you who are trying to challenge the status quo within your organisations and share some of the learnings that has worked for me.

1. Research how other customers have done it globally

As they say good artists copy, the best artists steal! Look for the things that have been done by people in the US and feel free to connect up with them and replicate what they have been successful at. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.Most importantly don’t be limited by the country or industry that you operate in. Learn and adopt global best practise from the start.

 Alteryx inspire is a clear example of this. It’s a global community of people who have overcome incredible organisational challenges to come out on tops delivering value to the business. Check out the links below. Feel free to copy and leverage successful deployments here.
2. Solve a business problem and ask for money$

So often I see people getting stuck into the technology but not focusing on the actual problem that the business has. Doing so often doesn’t end well, it becomes a debate of features and merits of product A vs product B. In the case of Alteryx just download the product, get the analytics done and show the insight to senior executives directly!

Once the insight is shown, remember to ask for money to proceed to phase 2.
3. Build solid partnerships with vendors

When choosing a vendor, make sure you have access to senior leaders within the organisation as well as engineering teams and their developers. Help them to help you. Often I see in major corporates, customers keep the vendors at a distance ( is: Classic supplier customer relationship) rather than partnering with them to improve their product offering. Such shortsightedness often means that a customer will not be able to get the best out of the product.
A recent discussion with some of my peers showed they wanted to get major cloud vendors to fit it out and pitch from a cost perspective. Vendors have to reach their revenue targets, it’s often much better to help them achieve this, being open and transparent and in so getting incredible support when you most need it.
4. Join the global community and be resilient

Finally join the global communities like the ones organised by Alteryx, tableau, Microsoft and AWS. Realise that you are part of something much larger and leverage others who have gone before you. Remember to also give back to others along the way.
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