Alteryx User group Sydney

Last night , I attended the Alteryx user group in Sydney at the Hyatt organised by Alteryx ANZ and MIP.

The session kicked off with Peter Kokinakos (Chief operating officer – MIP)  introducing the speakers of the evening.   It was amazing experience as I reflect back on how a few years ago I was at the first user group I was one of 10 people in the room. Today nearly 100+ users turned up in Sydney.

Personally it was certainly one of the most surreal user groups as both current customers and prospects had the opportunity to learn from fellow customers (  Betty Machalias – NSW Family and community services) before Libby & Kane presented the future of Alteryx .

For those new to Alteryx, Libby is one of the 3 founders of Alteryx.

Customer story: Alteryx transforming the NSW Family and Community services 

NSW family and community services presented their use case of Alteryx and how it  consolidated data from multiple disparate systems into 1 data source. Most importantly Alteryx was also used to help to improve the outcomes of children and young people in out of home care in NSW.

After the customer presentation, Libby presented and shared with all of us the journey of Alteryx as a company. The picture below says it all!

Start with a vision – The 20 year journey to success

Having a founder speak to the audience is an incredible experience. Libby gave an overview of the history of Alteryx (SRC) and how the 3 of them ( Dean, Ned and herself) grew the company over 20 years to its current size.

Very few people would have the will, integrity and resilience to stay together after so many years and to me this is the most inspirational message of the night.

Having worked at a startup like amaysim with founders who took the company to IPO, I know its no mean feat to work together with partners through thick and thin. This certainly says a lot about the 3 founders character and a testament to each other.


Stay humble and true to your customers 

Most impressive fact is that despite their success they remain incredibly humble.

‘We will always remember the people who got to where we are today’

Libby mentioned they will always remember how the times when they had zero customers and how they have always focus on the success of the customer because at the end of the day it that is what makes them successful.


Code free analytics for the Citizen data scientist + Flexibility for the expert data scientist 

Alteryx democratises data science and truly enables line of business analysts the platform to discover their data, prep and blend as well as move up the continuum of spatial, predictive , optimisation and cognitive. I particularly like the fact that Alteryx continues to listen to customers and continually makes it easier for new users to pick up predictive analytics.

This is an incredibly important point as the platform represents a step change in how analysts continue to improve their skills and deliver value back to their organisation.

It’s also important to note that while Alteryx is popular for data prep, it enables analysts to have predictive, spatial , prescriptive and cognitive capabilities.


Alteryx connect – Making it easy to search and find all your information in one place

Impact of Alteryx on the analyst

The best use case was in Western Union where Eric miller who was an analyst in the fraud section was continually spending over 100 hours a week preparing data. After using alteryx he was able to reduce that to a few hours and get home to his young family at a decent hour.

Change the game with analytics

Another fascinating case study is the fact that Southwest airlines who is a budget carrier is using it to optimise fuel costs saving millions a year! This is a perfect example of how Alteryx analytics  can change the game for large companies.

Alteryx user groups – exploding all over the world! 

The key message to me was that you are not alone, remember that you are now part of the wider community helping to ask and answer questions of other users. This is certainly an incredible feeling.

Personally it’s a incredible experience for me as I’ve deployed Alteryx in 4 organisations over the last few years. It all began with first meeting Dean a few years ago in Sydney during his visit to Amaysim.  Since then I’ve gone to Inspire conference (to see Alteryx users and founders) and now Libby is back visiting Sydney.   The world is certainly a big place but also small by the same token.

 Alteryx connect – Presented by Kane Glendenning 

Amazing stuff. Certainly will be a game changer for corporates using it to govern data sources and making it easy for people to collaborate across the enterprise

Get on the Alteryx bus!


I’m certainly looking forward to visiting disneyland and also visiting Alteryx HQ next month – stay tuned..

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