Visiting Alteryx HQ in Irvine California

During Libby’s recent visit to Australia, she invited me to visit Alteryx HQ in California.  I’ve always wanted to see what it was like at Alteryx HQ so I took time off our Disneyland trip to see Alteryx.

 Check out the photo below, the postcard says it all.  

Alteryx is more than a software product – it’s a community of staff and people driving change within their companies  delivering superior financial performance through the use of a modern analytics stack

Personally it was such an incredible experience and I wanted to share this with everyone.
The day began with a tour of the Alteryx office. It’s a beautiful open plan fun filled office with both founders and staff openly collaborating. This is perhaps one of the keys to Alteryx success. It also made me realise that the alteryx community and staff are part of a bigger global group contributing to driving change within their companies.

It’s like coming full circle – reading about Alteryx through BCG 3 years ago to actually deploying the product in over 3 companies and advocating for alteryx ; both small and large corporates can benefit from using alteryx’

‘Alteryx will be a big part of my personal and professional life and it’s my mission to empower and educate senior executives and companies on the potential of using Alteryx to drive improved financial performance’

A big thank you to Tatiana for hosting me at Alteryx HQ.

I also wanted to thank everyone at Alteryx  especially Libby and Dean for spending time with me at Alteryx HQ. Missed you Ned! Next time hope to make the trip to Boulder to see you. Personally It was an great way to share real life experience with Alteryx staff as the product is changing the way companies and entire industries operate.

Photo op with Dean and Libby

Get on the Alteryx bus – Literally and figuratively

Alteryx has a rich history spanning over 20 years. 

Alteryx user groups are gathering momentum across the world including the US, Australia, HK and APAC..

Coffee chat with Alteryx at HQ..

1. What a day is like in the life of an analyst using alteryx

– Meeting business leaders and managing team priorities 

– Using alteryx within teams to quickly deliver insight and value into the businesss. Leaders can no longer wait days, months and years before getting answers to basic questions.
2. How can companies embrace a data driven culture  and driving change.

– Bringing analysts from different silos if the business together as a community of practice.

-Showing experienced SQL analysts that using alteryx will expand their analytic capability to spatial, predictive and cognitive thereby future proofing their careers.

– Articulating the financial value of alteryx from a P&L perspective when used within companies.

3.  How do  the more recent alteryx acquisitions ( alteryx connect and yhat) potentially change the game for organisations using alteryx 

– Alteryx as a product has a rich history and is reknowned for data prep. Recent acquisitions extend the capability to becoming an enterprise platform with data governance built in as well as productionising of analytic models.

4. What the challenges relate to articulating the benefits of alteryx? While most analysts report productivity improvements in reducing time to insight ( time savings of days to minutes ), it is equally important to frame alteryx within organisations from a P&L perspective ( eg: Rev uplift, margin optimisation or cost reduction) to make it tangible to senior leaders on Alteryx.

5. What’s it like being an Alteryx ACE ?

– Giving back to community not just in your local user group but also globally. My personal mission is to educate business leaders in all different institutions (particularly CFOs and CIOs) on what is possible with analytics (beyond the hype). In particular how to go from reading the Harvard business review on ‘Big data’ to actually looking at the people , processes and technologies like alteryx that can drive improved business performance.

– Being an Alteryx ACE is global in nature. Take myself for example even though I am in Australia, I was contacted by some new potential alteryx customers to ask for help in New York.
6. What’s the best and most effective way to get alteryx into an organisation 

Look for a particular use case and problem area in the business that has big financial implications be it operational efficiency improvements, cost reductions or things that potentially lift revenue.
7. What would I do if someone took Alteryx away from me?

Just buy it!

Interesting fun facts I have learned about Alteryx

1.Alteryx and their user groups are exploding all over the world as it is becoming a global product. Check out the photos of user groups all over US, Australia and APAC. It’s fantastic to see their customer focus is translating into customer advocacy all over the world.

2. There’s a actual beer tap on the Alteryx bus!

3. It’s a fun filled office with open plan kitchen and a ‘gong’ to ring each time a sale goes through! What a great way to motivate staff.

4. Democratisation of advanced analytics is the next wave – Alteryx empowers everyone to have data scientist capability. They are also incredible at developing new training material – check out Alteryx academy and Joe miller. Brian who heads up Alteryx community is also incredibly focused on making it easy to onboard new users to alteryx. This is incredibly important as alteryx community continues to grow and spread its wings globally.
5. Alteryx founders began this 20 year journey and its incredible how they stay united and focused on customer success even when the company is growing globally. To be this is a story about human spirit of being united and driving a vision of making analytics available to everyone. 
6. Companies all around the world are at different stages of maturity in embracing data driven decisions. Biggest challenge is not a technological one rather it’s about influencing change within organisations. Once again I’ve found the fastest way to do it is Brough showcasing its impact on financial performance ( revenue gain or cost reduction).
All in all it was a fantastic opportunity to meet the a Alteryx team. I look forward to collaborating with them further and helping drive change within he Australian companies and governments.

Lessons and learnings for me
1. Keep an open mind, Adopt a global perspective (most analytic problems have been solved already in other markets ) , use those lessons to apply to lead change within your own company. There is no substitute for spending time with people.

2. Establish and maintain senior relationships – Partnerships deliver superior  business outcomes.

3. Give back to educate the community as well as others that are new to the product.