Reflections on 2017

As Christmas draws to a close, it’s often a good time to take stock of the year that had been and the year to come.

But first some nice photos of New Years at Freshwater beach at Manly – highly recommended way to spend New Years especially with children.

Personally for me it’s been a busy time for me. Having worked in both large and small companies it’s interesting to see both the opportunities and challenges facing both.

Agility in decision making and acting as 1

Larger corporates have the opportunity to improve speed to decision making. As senior leaders it is imperative that they collectively think wholistically ( sales , operational restocking, customer experience , IT application and infrastructure ) rather than their functional silos. This is not that say there can’t be disagreements about the direction. Instead it’s about disagreeing but deciding to act collectively as 1.

As a result , sales and operational teams can focus on delivering the work which will enable revenue growth.

Innovation is not a buzzword , instead this is critical for survival

The ability to constantly develop , iterate and deploy new products and services to customers is key in driving top line growth.

Take amaysim for example they are able to launch new products within a short 1-2 month window. That delivers incredible agility which allows them to test and iterate new offerings with the market.

Partner with suppliers

When faced with funding and resource constraints, one seeks out win-win partnerships with Vendors and suppliers to achieve more with less. Invest the time to visit suppliers and seek out ways they can benefit from having a relationship instead of just pitching a reduction in margin and price for their service offerings.

Self desruption is important

Being in an incumbent market leading position is important however a good understanding of startups and acting to self disrupt is more important.

Larger companies face the challenge of changing their business models to defend against smaller more nimble competitors. In such a scenario it is often critical to assemble a ‘hit squad’ of the best people to build, test and deliver those new products and services to the market without the bureaucracy of a larger machine.

Executive endorsement and sponsorship is critical to the successful launch of a project.

Certification and investment in people is critical

As part of ongoing skills improvement and development often managers need to reinforce the need for analysts to upgrade their skills and keep abreast with the latest changes in the market. Alteryx offers free certification for the fundamental designer course here. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their skills.

We should not look to certification as the end rather we should embrace it as a continual journey to learn.

That’s all for me for now!