Gartner conference 2018

Fun pictures at Gartner conference with Alteryx, Datarobot, Tableau and MIP!

This way to Gartner….

Great to catch up with JJ, Christian& Kane at Alteryx! Also fantastic to meet Steve Walden all the way from California

Excited to use Alteryx with datarobot to support churn modelling

Great to see so many familiar faces at Tableau and MIP Australia

Welcome to 2018

A new year and new beginnings

As a new year starts , I have moved into a new role within the CommSec business leading the Alteryx deployment working for Vizchic!

It marks certainly a return to my passion as we will be deploying alteryx server, connect to enable self service analytics for the business.

Change and organisational benefits

One of the observations is that as a leader it is important to sell the benefits of deploying such a product to both business analysts and management.

Reduce the time to insight

From an analyst perspective using tools like Alteryx enable one to reduce the time taken to get business value. So many organisations I see hire so many analysts but do not give the the tools to enable them to be more productive. Many analysts will spend numerous days and hours cutting code instead of focusing on the business outcomes eg: delivering insight that increases revenue or cuts cost to the business.

Alteryx used to derisk legacy processes and SQL code

More serious than that often I have seen large blocks of SQL code left undocumented and not properly maintained often some of these being used for mission critical operational processes.

Alteryx on the other hand can be used as an easy way for teams to document their existing processes making it sustainable to run.

A story of upskilling and continual training

From a management perspective , it is important to practise what you preach. I continually upskill and learn about the various new elements of alteryx through continuous training and certification on top of a day job of managing 2 teams. This also helps me understand things from an analyst perspective and enables me to be a better leader.

Listen and learn from others – globall

I was excited to get to meet Stephen Junior who deployed alteryx at redbox in the US. We will be certainly sharing experiences and learning from each other.

A bit of a holiday before I start my new role

Lots of photos here from my recent trip to Mudgee. A heaven for wine and cheese tasting. A big shout out to Kane Glendenning for his hit list.

Funnily the day before I left for my weekend away at Mudgee , I did my alteryx certification for designer core and got a good result !

Some beautiful photos of the town

Alteryx certification – highly recommended for those wanting to invest in themselves