Step by step guide to deploying alteryx server in complex enterprises

Alteryx server

  1. Service account Permissions – Critical to stable functioning of gallery/schedulingRun As setup 
    1. Logon as batch – setup this for all controller+workers+ active directory gps 
    1. Service account permission – reading from file servers
  2. Running In-database workflows:Windows auth vs embedding SQL credentials. Use a file DSN for max stability.
  3. Firewall relatedFirewall setup of proxy configuration to enable alteryx to work behind a corporate firewall – ProxyConfig
    1. Firewall/proxy settings – whitelisting *.alteryx to enable; Make sure auto proxy config via pac file is turned off.
  4. Setup of SSL – Gallery ;  
  5. Windows authentication errors for authentication across multiple domains– set browser prompting Authenticating across multiple domains in alteryx gallery
  6. Changing default ports for alteryx scheduling – you may need to do this if firewall zones are block common ports (eg: 80) and you need to redirect to port 8080 etc.
  7. Sending email via secure SMTPsendemail.exe -t (toemail) -f (fromemail) -u (subject) -m (body) -s (smtpsecuremailserver) -xu (username) -xp (password) . Install the sendemail.exe on each of workers e:\ to enable PDF documents to be sent out
  8. Shared common locations for controller and workers to allow macros to be put in common area accessible by serviceAcct
  9. ODBC Driver installation
    1. Auth mechanism – must be consistent(Windows Auth or SQL Auth)
    1. SQL native client 11 must be consistent across controller/worker and designer.
    1. System DSN name must be consistent as well
  10. TroubleshootingIntermittent workflow failure when scheduled or executed via gallery (restart alteryx service)
    1. Data connection fails using fileDSN – Ensure data source on server is configured to use the same version (eg: Sql server native client 11 and also ensure data source name is configured the same)
    1. Alteryx worker fails to connect to controller –Troubleshooting a server
      • Reset /regenerate token from controller;
      • Insert new token into all workers and also ensure right port number 8080;
      • Ensure controller and workers running under the right service account
      • test firewall ports with telnet;
      • check c:\programdata\alteryx\runtimeSettings.xml service port config on both controller and worker
      • Check if any security patches updated server
        • control panel-> programfiles-> programfiles and features->installed updates
    1. Setup of Logon as service account eg: acoe_alt_tri
    1. Telnet port; netstat to see where it is listening on
    1. Enabling alteryx prod API key – logon gallery as curator. Settings -> click keys tab; enable admin api; copy the key and secret.
    1. Server logging
  11. Security related:Reset controller token every [xx] days
    • Deletion script to flush temp files on gallery
  12. Backup and restoreMongoDB backup and restore 
  13. Performance optimisation on server

Alteryx designer

  1. Software Packaging – include crew pack macros, publish to tableau server 1.08, 2.0, Azure data lake, alteryx connect loaders 
  2. Testing / dev packages between versions eg: v11-11.7 vs 2018.2
  3. Licensing requirements – , firewall change for packet inspection

Alteryx connect

  1. Alteryx connect – reverse proxy to enable SSL support