MIP Titans roadshow

An interesting session hosted by MIP showcasing Alteryx, Alation and Wherescape Red.

Certainly a fantastic experience to see Dean Stoecker representing Alteryx and sharing experiences with the audience.

    Nearly 2/3 of the audience are new to the titans event

Most of an analysts time is wasted doing mundane processes.

  • Even worse is less than 11% of data science models make it into production .

Can your company afford not to transform digitally?

  • The half life of an enterprise has been dropping significantly
  • To not transform would be to disappear ! Just look at Kodak , blockbuster and other companies

Digital transformation and its challenges

Fragmentation of the technology stack has made it hard to transform

  • agile tools like Alteryx to enable us to acquire data from any data source whether on premise, in the cloud or anywhere.
    Only 6% of data required for advanced analytics is in your warehouse

Analytics is not just about KPIs and dashboards for the business. The future will be won and lost on productionalisation of data science models

  • Analytics is a social experience , power is not in what you know but what you share.
  • Share and scale across the business.
  • Analysts should become margin discovers of profitability for the enterprise

Personas generating value in the enterprise

    Data scientists – hard to find and need to focus on high value tasks
    Pilots – citizen analysts who can lead an apply themselves in the business context , asking and answering questions.

Stop wasting time , use the right tools and go home early!

Analytics is also a social experience-

Driving a data driven culture across the company is equally as important as having the right tools