Journey from the accountant to the data scientist – An interview with Nicole Johnson, Senior consultant T mobile


I am always inspired by fellow Alteryx users and embarked on my journey to interview and learn from fellow Alteryx customers.

Here is my interview with Nicole Johnson, Senior consultant T-Mobile, Alteryx ACE and Winner of Alteryx grand prix 2018.

The journey from the accountant to the data scientist

  • Degree in Accounting & finance, worked in construction for 12 years
  • Explored the world of data with VBA, SQL. Came across Alteryx which opened many doors and opportunities.

Driving an accounting revolution at T-mobile with Alteryx – identifying which processes which can be automated in the accounting area. Examples of this include: Reconciliation, detailed data for journal entries, monthly reporting.

Alteryx gives accountants the power to combine and get the data themselves from multiple areas driving efficiency in month end processes. Examples of this include:

  • Using Alteryx to building a framework for US GAAP and run business rules to ensure accuracy for international reporting.
  • External reporting – both US GAAP and IFRS – Extraction and combining data from Legacy systems- Getting data and make in accordance with external accounting standards.

Passion – Fell in love with the Alteryx product and kept learning and teaching others how to use Alteryx to deliver results in the business.

Future focus will include:

  • Leveraging predictive analytics in new projects.
  • Evangelising Alteryx to other areas of the business beyond the finance department

Come join me at the Alteryx Inspire Sydney conference on 20th March to hear and learn from fellow customers.

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Building a successful analytics community – Fireside chat Brian Oblinger VP Global community Alteryx


Building a vibrant data driven culture within your company is one of the more challenging aspects of analytics. In this video interview with Brian Oblinger (VP Global Community Alteryx) , I’ve learnt a few tips and tricks that will help make you successful in your organisation in delivering centres of analytic excellence in your organisation.

Watch the full interview here



What is the role of “community” in the context of data and data science?

  •  Bring people together with a common goal as a team sport – Collaborating with different cross functional groups across the organisation drives superior results as staff are able to leverage each other share workflows, data and models. It also helps break down silos and builds comadre amongst staff.
  • Shifting the conversation to higher order analytics – A few years ago, conversation in the Alteryx community was focused around the data prep and blend, however todays’ discussion is focused on higher order analytics (like spatial, predictive analytics) and leveraging skills in R and Python and Jupyter notebooks to perform higher order analytics.

2.     How is Alteryx community helping to upskill analysts ?

  • Data science still does not have well established infrastructure – Alteryx believes it has a key role in developing the next generation of analysts. This is done through both online community academy, forums and offline activities as well as udacity nanodegreetraining courses.

3.      Future of Alteryx community

  •  Localisation and globalisation of the Alteryx community (both online and offline) – Alteryx has recently launched French, Japanese and German language community localisation.
  • Position analysts as thought leaders – Being a platform to enable analysts the opportunity to speak out, share their experience so that it is not lost in the organisation.

Building a successful analytics community in your organisation takes effort, focus and dedication. I am a firm believer in learning from others experience and hope you are able to leverage some of these leanings in your organisation.

Enabling analysts to achieve more – A fireside chat with Olivia Duane Adams , Chief customer officer & Co-founder Alteryx


Alteryx is a leader in the self-service data science and analytics market place, solving almost any analytical use case in so many industry verticals and companies of any size.


I have always had the thirst for knowledge and learning and was grateful to have the opportunity to learn from Olivia Duane Adams (Chief customer officer & Co-founder Alteryx) on how Alteryx is enabling a data driven culture and driving change within so many organisations.

Watch the full interview here

Here are some of her thoughts :

1.      Alteryx enables users to deliver a continuum of simple to complex analytics – Simple analytics may include joining 3 or more databases to answer databases all the way to data scientists who are doing predictive and prescriptive modelling. Business leaders are using Alteryx to change the culture of the organisation as they recognise the increased value and effectiveness of data driven decisions.

2.      Rise of the Citizen data scientist – There are many people in the organisation who may not have a PHD in statistics but are analysts that are truly solving the unanswerable questions for their organisation. They are willing to take on challenge, empowered by the technology and trusted by organisation to understand the value and complexity of data and answer tougher questions through higher order analytics.

3.      Rise of Alteryx in all areas including finance and audit– There is an explosion of analytics in the tax and audit space of companies of any size – finance teams have taken on Alteryx as excel is no longer sufficient due to the growth in the size and complexity of data. Alteryx is enabling finance teams to be true business partners and financial recommenders rather than data mungers.

4.      Enterprise adoption of analytics across the company- Every team in every department is trying to get to insight faster. Analytics is driving change in all areas of the company – from HR to sales operations, market operations, supply chain and transport. Companies using analytics are able to deliver the value from data and insight to drive their organisations forward.

5.      Analytics is a social experience – Alteryx enables people of all skill levels to speak the same language and solve business challenges together creating a comadre across multiple functional areas. Many teams within companies now run hackatons powered by Alteryx or run a certification program to see who can get to certification first.

I can identify with a lot of the themes and I am proud to have been a catalyst for change in the many organisations (Amaysim, Commonwealth Bank, consulting) that I have worked for.

Download the Alteryx product and see for yourself or reach out to me if you require any consulting assistance.

Come join me at the Alteryx’s first APAC Inspire customer conference in Sydney on Mar 20 – 21st to learn from the founders on how you can leverage analytics to deliver value in your organisation.

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Alteryx = Analytics – A Fireside chat with Dean Stoecker, Chairman, CEO & Co-founder Alteryx



Alteryx is a leader in the self-service data science and analytics market place, solving almost any analytical use case in companies of any size and industry vertical. I discovered Alteryx a few years ago whilst in my previous role at Amaysim through a fellow Alteryx user who presented at the Alteryx Inspire conference.

Come join me at Alteryx’s Inspire conference in Sydney on March 20-21st to learn how Alteryx can help you and your company Alter everything.

There will be keynotes from both Alteryx founders Dean Stoecker (Chairman, CEO Alteryx) and Olivia Duane Adams (Chief customer officer) and product management – Katie Haralson as well as numerous customer stories on how they have used Alteryx to drive improvements in their business.

Watch the full interview here

As an analytics leader, I have always been passionate about learning and helping businesses leverage technology to deliver financial value and am excited to share what has worked for me with everyone. Alteryx also works seamlessly both on premise and in cloud platforms like Amazon web services and Microsoft Azure. In fact I personally run the product including Alteryx server in all 3 enviroments (on premise and cloud) and it works beautifully.

Personally I am a big fan of the company and am also a Alteryx ACE. Most recently I had the opportunity to chat and learn from Dean Stoecker (CEO, Chairman and Co-founder of Alteryx) on the future of data science at the recent Global Alteryx kickoff.

Here are some of the key highlights

  •  Alteryx is a great general purpose platform for companies to monetise the data and intellectual property that they hold.
  • Increasing convergence between the PHD statistician and the citizen data scientist using the platform.
  • There are more data workers in the world than first thought – A guess that nearly 50% of users of Alteryx don’t even have analyst in their title.
  • More people are creating data and are curious about using data to understand things in their work world and personal world. This creates more questions across a broader audience of people.
  • Alteryx is a versatile platform with many use cases in many industries. Some examples used by accountants include Robotics process automation, Tax and audit, FX risk modelling and more.
  • Increasing verticalization is occurring across industries like Healthcare and Govt.
  • Alteryx is focused on designing and making the platform easier to use for more people whilst advancing higher order analytic outcomes (Assisted modelling, Auto modelling, Curating data assets, Deploying machine learning)

Download the product and try it out for yourself.

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