Building a successful analytics community – Fireside chat Brian Oblinger VP Global community Alteryx


Building a vibrant data driven culture within your company is one of the more challenging aspects of analytics. In this video interview with Brian Oblinger (VP Global Community Alteryx) , I’ve learnt a few tips and tricks that will help make you successful in your organisation in delivering centres of analytic excellence in your organisation.

Watch the full interview here



What is the role of “community” in the context of data and data science?

  •  Bring people together with a common goal as a team sport – Collaborating with different cross functional groups across the organisation drives superior results as staff are able to leverage each other share workflows, data and models. It also helps break down silos and builds comadre amongst staff.
  • Shifting the conversation to higher order analytics – A few years ago, conversation in the Alteryx community was focused around the data prep and blend, however todays’ discussion is focused on higher order analytics (like spatial, predictive analytics) and leveraging skills in R and Python and Jupyter notebooks to perform higher order analytics.

2.     How is Alteryx community helping to upskill analysts ?

  • Data science still does not have well established infrastructure – Alteryx believes it has a key role in developing the next generation of analysts. This is done through both online community academy, forums and offline activities as well as udacity nanodegreetraining courses.

3.      Future of Alteryx community

  •  Localisation and globalisation of the Alteryx community (both online and offline) – Alteryx has recently launched French, Japanese and German language community localisation.
  • Position analysts as thought leaders – Being a platform to enable analysts the opportunity to speak out, share their experience so that it is not lost in the organisation.

Building a successful analytics community in your organisation takes effort, focus and dedication. I am a firm believer in learning from others experience and hope you are able to leverage some of these leanings in your organisation.

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