Enabling analysts to achieve more – A fireside chat with Olivia Duane Adams , Chief customer officer & Co-founder Alteryx


Alteryx is a leader in the self-service data science and analytics market place, solving almost any analytical use case in so many industry verticals and companies of any size.


I have always had the thirst for knowledge and learning and was grateful to have the opportunity to learn from Olivia Duane Adams (Chief customer officer & Co-founder Alteryx) on how Alteryx is enabling a data driven culture and driving change within so many organisations.

Watch the full interview here

Here are some of her thoughts :

1.      Alteryx enables users to deliver a continuum of simple to complex analytics – Simple analytics may include joining 3 or more databases to answer databases all the way to data scientists who are doing predictive and prescriptive modelling. Business leaders are using Alteryx to change the culture of the organisation as they recognise the increased value and effectiveness of data driven decisions.

2.      Rise of the Citizen data scientist – There are many people in the organisation who may not have a PHD in statistics but are analysts that are truly solving the unanswerable questions for their organisation. They are willing to take on challenge, empowered by the technology and trusted by organisation to understand the value and complexity of data and answer tougher questions through higher order analytics.

3.      Rise of Alteryx in all areas including finance and audit– There is an explosion of analytics in the tax and audit space of companies of any size – finance teams have taken on Alteryx as excel is no longer sufficient due to the growth in the size and complexity of data. Alteryx is enabling finance teams to be true business partners and financial recommenders rather than data mungers.

4.      Enterprise adoption of analytics across the company- Every team in every department is trying to get to insight faster. Analytics is driving change in all areas of the company – from HR to sales operations, market operations, supply chain and transport. Companies using analytics are able to deliver the value from data and insight to drive their organisations forward.

5.      Analytics is a social experience – Alteryx enables people of all skill levels to speak the same language and solve business challenges together creating a comadre across multiple functional areas. Many teams within companies now run hackatons powered by Alteryx or run a certification program to see who can get to certification first.

I can identify with a lot of the themes and I am proud to have been a catalyst for change in the many organisations (Amaysim, Commonwealth Bank, consulting) that I have worked for.

Download the Alteryx product and see for yourself or reach out to me if you require any consulting assistance.

Come join me at the Alteryx’s first APAC Inspire customer conference in Sydney on Mar 20 – 21st to learn from the founders on how you can leverage analytics to deliver value in your organisation.

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