Journey from the accountant to the data scientist – An interview with Nicole Johnson, Senior consultant T mobile


I am always inspired by fellow Alteryx users and embarked on my journey to interview and learn from fellow Alteryx customers.

Here is my interview with Nicole Johnson, Senior consultant T-Mobile, Alteryx ACE and Winner of Alteryx grand prix 2018.

The journey from the accountant to the data scientist

  • Degree in Accounting & finance, worked in construction for 12 years
  • Explored the world of data with VBA, SQL. Came across Alteryx which opened many doors and opportunities.

Driving an accounting revolution at T-mobile with Alteryx – identifying which processes which can be automated in the accounting area. Examples of this include: Reconciliation, detailed data for journal entries, monthly reporting.

Alteryx gives accountants the power to combine and get the data themselves from multiple areas driving efficiency in month end processes. Examples of this include:

  • Using Alteryx to building a framework for US GAAP and run business rules to ensure accuracy for international reporting.
  • External reporting – both US GAAP and IFRS – Extraction and combining data from Legacy systems- Getting data and make in accordance with external accounting standards.

Passion – Fell in love with the Alteryx product and kept learning and teaching others how to use Alteryx to deliver results in the business.

Future focus will include:

  • Leveraging predictive analytics in new projects.
  • Evangelising Alteryx to other areas of the business beyond the finance department

Come join me at the Alteryx Inspire Sydney conference on 20th March to hear and learn from fellow customers.

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