Alteryx Inspire 2019 – Part I

I was excited and happy to attend Alteryx Inspire 2019 and wanted to share and reflect on the experience.

What a blast it has been with Dean opening the keynote followed by the many iconic customers like Coca Cola, CBRE and Horizon power and more shared their journeys.

It is incredible to see the amount of energy and excitement in over 4500 customers , partners and delegates in the room.

Analytics is most definitely a social experience and not just limited to the data scientist.

Users of all levels have the opportunity to upskill themselves from simple to complex use cases with the Alteryx platform

Fantastic new features like assisted modelling and maturing of enterprise platform

It is always amazing to see and hear customers stories and their personal journeys reflected on stage, presenting a huge learning opportunity.

Alteryx is becoming key to digital transformation in so many new and iconic brands.

I attended the session with Alan Jacobson who is Alteryx new chief data officer and shared with us some of the tips on how to leverage data science and analytics in the most effective way.

Interestingly he was one of the global directors for data science and analytics and shared some of the successes and gotchas during the journey. I will be posting a video of this session shortly as there is tremendous value and insight.

Open and embracing culture – sharing of ideas across industries sectors and customers. As the world is becoming increasingly flat, it is important to adopt ideas from other fellow customers and implement in your industry. In today’s world it is no longer about the big eating the small, rather it is the fast eating the slow.

Honkey tong – ACEs going down town!it’s not just all work and no play! The guys and gals attending the event also spent the night partying at broadway !

Alteryx is becoming a tool of choice for Finance users.

I attended the presentation by finance professionals at Honeywell and it was great to see the adoption by finance professionals driving efficiency by automating month end processes , improving financial forecasts using ARIMA and other techniques. To top it off they started their Alteryx journey with just 1 spare laptop! There is no longer any excuse to not leverage automation to enable finance leaders to focus on insights rather than just cranking the month end handle.

We also heard stories of customers young and old embracing the platform. There was an elderly Gentlemen who literally postponed his retirement after he learnt about the Alteryx platform as he started to enjoy his job again and gained lots of satisfaction.

Continued focus on Alteryx community

Alteryx as a company also has a deep focus on the community and this includes customers as well as Alteryx ACEs. Together the community forms a platform that embraces new users to the platform as well as upskill existing customers on how to get value out of the platform by enhancing their skills into higher value analytics like spatial and predictive.

It’s amazing to see how 4500 people can be in 1 location and even just walking from the entrance to our seats you can see how it has grown.

It was great to see Libby recognise all the users and people in the audience both young and old who had used the product, lead user groups as well as contributed to the shared success of the platform.

One of the most compelling stories was that of a older gentlemen who wanted to retire but after his company brought alteryx in found a renewed passion for his job and decided to stay in the workforce longer.

Pink hat power!!

Great to see everyone having an absolute blast! Perhaps I need to consider getting a pink hat too for the next Alteryx conference!