Highlights from Snowflake partner summit Sydney 2019

I had the opportunity to attend Snowflake partner summit in Oct 2019 and there were heaps of learnings.

Australia is embracing Snowflake as a cloud database and it’s great to see consulting partners help land the technology into corporates. A tribute for the various partners as nearly 50% of business is through partners.

Companies adopting snowflake

Altius consulting

  • origin energy
  • Domain

Servian ( Brisbane)

  • Qantas

Inter works( Perth)

  • Fortscue metal


  • NIB
  • HCF


  • RMS

Trends in analytics market

  • Data migration is ongoing exercise and it is getting closer and closer to core systems.
  • Trend towards augmenting SAP for data warehousing
  • Customers start slowly but jump quickly once POCs are successful – mass migration SAP, Terafata, Netezza
  • Snowflake increasingly being used for data science workloads, predictive. Sweetly ( India) using for food delivery
  • Exponential take up for data science.
  • It is often transformative once data is in 1 place.
  • A shift toward moving towards marketing specific use case and patterns in vertical
  • Snowflake handles nearly 300m queries per day. They are evolving into a data platform.
  • 9 out of 10 conversations about migration.
  • Role based dynamic data masking in next 3-6 months ( admin, user). Start with column then move to row, targeting for Jun2020
  • Opportunity to Sell through multi cloud as a starting point. Bringing flexibility to enterprises.
  • Most organisations still struggling with bringing data together

Snowflake product roadmap

Photos part iii