Alteryx inspire 2018 Day 1

Inspiring the inspired

Alteryx inspire conference was held at Anahiem this year and what a fantastic conference. This year over 2800 people attended and it was certainly inspiring! The last time I was at Inspire there was over 1000 people attending.

It’s fantastic to see Alteryx as a platform grow from strength to strength. Also met a few of the other Alteryx ACES and other customers to learn and share experiences on how to deliver analytics within their companies.

My 5 seconds of fame on the Alteryx wall!

The first day was filled with platform training and I attended 3 sessions

1. Predictive analytics with grouping

2. Spark direct – powered by Amazon web services and Databricks

3. Prescriptive optimisation

Alteryx democratises advanced analytics for the business user

As companies drive advanced analytics projects it becomes more critical to continually upskill in advanced analytics. The great thing about Alteryx is that it enables any business user like myself to deliver superior business outcomes. The democratising of spatial, predictive and prescriptive analytics will be a game changer for companies that embrace it.

Check out the number of people learning prescriptive analytics. This photo says it all.

Photos from prescriptive analytics training- it’s easy enough to use even for me!!

Alteryx supporting Apache spark for large analytic workloads

As the size of data grows it’s refreshing to have Alteryx support the spark platform in both code friendly and code free way. A big shoutout to Gary Schwartz , David Wilcox , Stephen Ahlgren and so many others in the engine team. Your efforts today will enable future customers to deliver results into the future.

Share your journey through podcast

I also had the pleasure of recording a podcast with Brian Oblinger and his team to share analytic experiences challenges and how we overcome them within our industry. It’s certainly humbling to share experience with like minded individuals and I hope others will also share their stories to drive change within their organisations.

That’s all for now, a big thank you to all those organising Inspire. I look forward to attending Day 2 of Inspire !