Alteryx Inspire – An opportunity to continually learn and share

During March 20th- 21st, Alteryx held their first Inspire APAC conference on tour in Sydney with over 800 people coming from all of APAC together to the international convention centre in Sydney to learn and share their experiences..

Expand your thinking

Conferences like Alteryx are an excellent opportunity to upskill your team, network and learn from fellow customers and really expand your thinking. I look forward to attending and presenting at the Alteryx Inspire Nashville conference where I will he learning and sharing with some of the worlds best Alteryx users and I highly recommend all of you to attend.

Use cases and higher order analytics continue to expand

The number of customers adopting Alteryx continues to increase with iconic customers such as Atlassian, Dropbox,Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft and many others using this product.

A truely horizontal product across the continuum of simple to complex analytics.

Come join me at the Alteryx Inspire Nashville conference – there’s something for everyone

Alteryx = A collaboration between customers , organisations and partners.

Learn and network from fellow practitioners

Great opportunity to learn and network from fellow practitioners. I enjoyed customer sessions from lendlease. Amazing to see how Phil hall from Lendlease consolidated so many hundred manual process and automated it.

Customer presentations from Lendlease

Join in the excitement at Alteryx Grand Prix

Great to be part of Grand Prix and see Jonathan Mcmillian won the first APAC Grand Prix ! A truely fantastic movement.

Bring your family – my wife attending Alteryx training

Sold out sessions at Alteryx trainings- from beginner to advanced

Bring your team – Brought my whole team to Alteryx training

Catchup with new and old friends

There’s something for everyone ! So come join me at Alteryx Inspire Nashville !