Alteryx Inspire 2018 – Day 2

Alteryx Inspire started with a keynote and a fantastic rock band reception. It certainly doesn’t feel like an analytics conference !

See if u can spot Dean Stoecker who opened as a rock band member!

Keynote focused on a few key themes which really resonated with me.

1. Vision – Have the vision to do things that change the game

2. Courage – The courage to challenge the status quo and deliver results.

3. Belief – willing to accept the challenge and do the things that are hard because we want to win!

There remains an opportunity to deliver more data science models into production – only 11% of companies are able to monitor and manage production models to deliver business value.

The citizen data scientist also has the opportunity to leverage Alteryx to get to the thinking stage faster instead of munching data

Alteryx platform bridges the gap between data scientists, business leaders and analysts by supporting code free and code friendly modes

Fantastic to see support for Apache spark platform

Using Alteryx delivers superior business outcomes not just time savings. Check out double digit revenue growth!

A step change in product capability

Great to see Alteryx listening to customer feedback improving the product considerably with inline visualitics , improvements in reporting and much more. This perhaps is one of the most important capabilities of Alteryx where they are focused on enabling the customer to succeed taking on product feedback and iterating it into the product.

Ability to filter and browse now easily is a game changer for me on large datasets

Dramatic improvements to in line reporting

I also attended sessions by Alteryx connect – enabling you to easily navigate your data assets. I personally believe corporates will be the biggest beneficiaries of this as we have multiple legacy systems and warehouses

Alteryx connect can now connect to AWS S3 and other big data lakes!

Alteryx connects built in chat enables users to ask questions and get answers quickly

We finished the day with a big party! Looking forward to Day 3!