Alteryx Inspire Sydney 2020

I had the privilege of attending Alteryx inspire 2020. Here are some highlights:

– There remains a huge opportunity for companies to leverage their assets to deliver financial performance to their company

– Companies that adopt an analytics culture driver additional revenue growth of 18%

– Organization hurdles and inertia remain the impediment to be progress.

– Alteryx can be an enabling platform to help users discover their data, prep their data and accelerate their analytics journey to advanced analytics ( spatial , predictive)

– Improved performance, scalability and functionality of Alteryx server next engine

– Assisted modeling will enable the analyst to be more productive and deliver more advanced analytical outcomes to the business

I always find it amazing to listen and learn from fellow customers with the use cases presented by various organisations across industries

– Catholic education : changing the educational system by looking beyond traditional metrics to include social demographic metrics

– pepper financial


– Macquarie bank: process optimisation across the group

– Super retail group: Optimisation of supply chain with Alteryx

I’ll be posting a short video of their experience shortly as it may help other companies along their data driven journey

I also had the opportunity to spend time with Garnish and Sambit and learn how they used Alteryx for data migration to workday to save over 2000 hours. And they only discovered Alteryx by accident a year ago while googling for it online. They had the conviction to adopt the technology after speaking to Cynthia at Alteryx. Certainly shows great ideas can come from anywhere

Alteryx for good program

– Students from Western uni will mentored by nbn data scientists to learn Alteryx and use their skills to improve societal outcomes

– Identifying and helping elderly Australians

– Improving mental health programs like R U ok?

I also helped out with the reporting analytics class. It was great to see full attendance at the workshops like web scraping and reporting

Finally I attended a class with best practices for predictive analytics

  • Model deployment via batch, on demand and real-time

Can’t wait to keep on learning at Day2 Inspire